The Cost of Dental Implants

The Cost of Dental Implants

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When you’re considering dental implants, you must also consider the cost. Dental implants consist of a titanium post that replaces the tooth root, an abutment screwed onto the implant and a prosthetic tooth attached to the abutment. This is a complex procedure and requires several visits; some types of implants require a general anesthetic and outpatient surgery center. All of these factors affect cost.

Implant Basics
Dental implants essentially come in three versions. The first is the single post version, used to replace a single tooth. These are typically used if you have only one or two teeth missing, especially if the teeth are not next to each other. If you have three or four teeth missing in the same area, two dental implant posts might be used to attach a partial bridge. When you have multiple teeth missing or have all of your teeth removed, the most common implant type is an All on 4 implant. This implant has four posts to which a full set of upper or lower prosthetic teeth is attached. An All on 6 is similar but has six posts and is used when the jawbone is weak or shallow.

Dental Implant Costs
Dental implants in the US cost an average of $5,000, according to MediGo, a company that provides information about health care services around the world. That cost includes the implant, abutment, prosthetic tooth and surgical costs. The implant itself costs about $1,600 to $2,000 and the abutment $275 and $450. The prosthetic crown typically costs between $1,000 and $3,000. Surgical costs vary between $500 (for a dental school) and $2,000 (a hospital). If you require custom modification on an abutment, expect an additional $100 to $200. These are costs for a single implant. All on 4 and All on 6 will be significantly more expensive, perhaps $20,000 or more.

What About Insurance?
Dental implants offer function and health benefits that conventional dentures don’t. For example, implants help keep the jawbone strong because the action of chewing increases bone strength – just as weight-bearing exercise increases bone strength. In recognition of these benefits, some insurance companies now provide a certain level of coverage for dental implants. Others may negotiate with you if they would normally cover a traditional bridge or dentures.

Since each case is unique, costs can vary widely. The best way to ensure you are getting maximum benefit for your money is to first choose a well-qualified dentist to reduce the risk of complications. Discuss the issue of cost and make sure you are clear about exactly what will be included. Contact your insurance company to discuss coverage or negotiations. Most dentists also offer payment plans or financing options. Learn more information at the Chrysalis Dental Centres website.

Why Physiotherapy Is Gaining Immense Popularity In The Health Sector

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Physiotherapists are viewed by the public as talented people who assist in healing all sorts of skeletal conditions. Physiology is popular in the sporting arena where professional athletes are assisted to recover from the injuries they suffer in the field. Physiotherapists have what it takes to help the injured athletes with the rehabilitation they need to resume their active sports life. A physiotherapist can also help people who suffer from fractures and back pain the recover through natural methods. Massage therapy and acupuncture are some of the methods that help the patients to recover from such injuries. The patients who have recovered from severe injuries attribute the following benefits to physiotherapy:
Physical therapists collaborate with their patients to craft a treatment plan that shortens the time of recovery significantly. A physiotherapist undertakes a thorough diagnosis of your medical condition and involves you in the development of a treatment plan that suits your goals. A treatment plan that suits your individual goals can help you to overcome your challenges easily. By allowing a patient to participate in the recovery plan, a physiotherapist can empower the patient to take the initiative towards full recuperation. Unlike the conventional treatments, working with a physical therapist is never a passive activity, and you will realize how empowering it is to participate in your own recovery. Since the patients tend to develop a relationship with their therapists, they learn how to maintain their optimum health once they recover fully.
Improved strength and mobility
Physical therapists know what a patient requires when it comes to improving mobility and strengthening the body. The ability to move freely and without pain is crucial if you want to enjoy your daily life, pursue your favorite recreational activities, and earn a living. In addition, the ability to perform the simple exercises such as walking or playing can improve your health significantly since such exercises can help you to burn some extra calories. Physiotherapy is the key to good health since the people who are unable to exercise are also at risk of obesity and heart disease.
Alternative treatments
Physiotherapy is one of the most effective methods of rehabilitation, and the profession is gaining a lot of popularity as a result of its ability to escalate the healing process. Physiotherapy includes offering some therapeutic treatments, manual exercises, acupuncture, and a host of electrical modalities such as ultrasound that soothe your pain. Emphasis is placed on what you can do for yourself and on education to prevent future injuries or disability. The benefits of physiotherapy include reducing pain, improving the general mobility of the joints, boosting your strength and coordination as well as improving the overall cardio-respiratory abilities.

All About Medical Malpractice Lawsuits

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Many people fall victim to medical malpractice. It is something that occurs when a patient suffers as a result of a doctor failing to provide medical care in a safe and effective manner. It is important to know the details of how medical malpractice takes place and what to do if you believe you are a victim of it.

Medical malpractice experts are crucial in any lawsuit involving a case of medical malpractice. A medical expert witness can provide the facts about what constitutes medical malpractice and the reasonable means by which it could have been avoided in your lawsuit.

Doctor-Patient Relationship Must Exist

First and foremost, in any malpractice suit, you will have to prove that there was a relationship between you, as a patient, and the doctor in question. It means that you were relying on the doctor to perform a certain procedure and provide his or her medical expertise. The doctor has to be proven negligent in giving you the services in which he or she is skilled. To prove medical malpractice, it would mean you were harmed as a result of the doctor’s care and that he or she was not skillful and careful.

Prove Injury Resulted in Doctor’s Negligence

In most instances, when a medical malpractice suit is brought forth, the patient is injured as a result of the doctor’s negligence. However, it has to be the actual care or procedure the doctor provided that indeed resulted in injury. This is where a medical expert witness is especially useful. That person can testify about whether negligence on the part of the doctor caused the patient’s injury.

Determine Type of Injury Sustained

In addition to proving injury as a result of medical malpractice, you must determine what type of injury was suffered. These include physical pain, mental anguish, lost work and wages and additional medical bills. It is possible to sue for any of these, all of them at once or any combination of them.

Types of Medical Malpractice Claims

The most common examples of what can result in a medical malpractice claim include improper treatment, a failure to diagnose an illness or medical condition and a failure to warn a patient of any known risks of treatment they receive. Regarding the latter, it is important to know any possible risks of treatment so that the patient can make an educated decision as to whether it is worth undergoing that treatment.

Seeking Legal Help

If you believe you have been a victim of medical malpractice, it is imperative to seek legal help so that you can be compensated for your injuries and any money you are out. You will have to acquire a personal injury attorney who comes from a reputable law firm. Be sure to give your lawyer all of the facts in your case so that they can get you the best possible outcome.

When Should I Go to a Chiropractor?

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Chiropractic medicine is giving relief to millions. A doctor of chiropractic medicine will complete a comprehensive examination which may include X-rays to see bone structures that are out of alignment. Chiropractic medicine may have doctors that offer adjunct therapies such as exercises, strength training, yoga and even acupuncture. Chiropractic medicine itself is non-invasive. It is based primarily on manipulation of the spinal column. However, deciding when to go to a chiropractor for the first time or for follow-ups may be an issue.

Most would not consider an occasional headache a reason to see a chiropractor. However, there are many who have went to see a doctor of chiropractic medicine who have discovered that the manipulations carried out to bring their spines into alignment have also relieved headaches. The mistake is when patients or potential patients that could benefit from an office visit think that the pain is being caused by something other than an issue with their backs. People almost always associate lower back pain with something wrong with their back. However, foot pain, leg pain and pain in the hands, arms, upper back or neck (not heart related) can also be caused by misaligned vertebrae.

Pain in a leg that is felt to radiate down over the area between the hip and center of the lower back can be sciatic pain. It can cause burning and pain all the way to the toes. A visit to have an alignment done can bring instant relief. Visits to a doctor of chiropractic medicine for many issues of chronic back pain can get instant relief on many occasions. However, relief is not a cure.

More chiropractic doctors are taking a multi-tiered approach to helping patients reach a higher degree of wellness. Patients initially come in to get relief from pain. After relief is attained it is necessary to do whatever is possible to help maintain good spinal alignment. This includes building back muscles to help insure correct alignment and nutrition to lose excess pounds that lead to back pain.

Any pain that does not go away or keeps coming back needs to be investigated. A chiropractor is a safe choice when there is back pain. They do not work outside of their scope of training and will refer a patient to a medical doctor for issues that are beyond their scope of ability to treat. Many patients go to prevent issues from arising. Chiropractic medicine is popular among athletes who maintain a proper weight and exercise regularly.

If there are clicks, creaks and cracks when moving, bending or twisting one’s neck or back along with pain, burning, tingling, a pins and needles feeling, a spinal manipulation could bring instant relief. The doctor will then discuss a plan to stay pain free. It usually includes periodic manipulations as well as an overall plan to increase fitness and wellness. Understand that just the tiniest amount of pressure on nerves in the back can cause excruciating and debilitating pain. Removing that pressure by a chiropractic back adjustment can bring relief.

The Difference Between Lap Band, Gastric Sleeve, and Gastric Balloon Weight Loss Surgery

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Weight Loss Surgery

For some people, weight loss or bariatric surgery is their last option when it comes to losing weight. Candidates for such surgery are over 100 pounds over their ideal weight or their excess weight is injuring their health because of such weight-related diseases as diabetes, hypertension and sleep apnea. Yet, they can’t seem to lose the pounds through diet or exercise.

There are several types of weight loss surgery. They include:

Lap Band

In this type of bariatric surgery, the surgeon inserts a silicone band around the top of the stomach. This is done laparoscopically, with miniaturized surgical tools and a miniaturized camera connected to a monitor that guides the procedure. The band is able to be adjusted through a port in the patient’s abdomen.

The purpose of the lap band is to create a small pouch. When the pouch is full, the patient feels satiated, even though they have eaten much less than their entire stomach would hold. The food then slowly enters the rest of the stomach and is digested in the normal way.

Gastric Balloon Surgery

In this surgery, a balloon filled with saline solution is placed in the person’s stomach. This also causes the person to feel satiated before the stomach is truly full. This treatment does not require even the minimal surgical incisions of a laparoscopy, for the balloon is placed into the stomach via an endoscope. An endoscope is a long, flexible tube that is threaded down the patient’s throat into the stomach.

Once installed, the balloon is inflated. However, the gastric balloon is only used for six months. After that time, it is deflated and removed, again by endoscopy. In the interval between its insertion and removal, patients lost an average of 22 pounds and only regained a few pounds after the balloon was removed. Gastric balloon surgery is especially successful for patients who exercised and learned to eat the right foods in the right amounts.

Gastric Sleeve Surgery

This surgery is also performed laparoscopically, but the doctor reduces the size of the stomach by about 70 percent, which leaves it in the shape of a banana or a sleeve. This cuts down on the amount of food the stomach can hold, but unlike the lap band surgery and the gastric ball procedure, it is not reversible.

Gastric sleeve surgery, or sleeve gastrectomy, also reduces the levels of hormones that make a person hungry. Gastric sleeve weight loss surgery is the most popular type of weight loss surgery, and is best for people who cannot tolerate other types of weight loss surgery. According to studies, a person can lose 72.4% of their BMI in 24 months.

These bariatric surgeries are all successful in helping patients lose weight, and have a low risk of complications.

Medical Marijuana in the Healthcare Community

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In many cases, individuals suffer from ailments that can only be controlled with extremely strong prescription medications. Often, these medications can be far more harmful than helpful to the overall health of the patient. When the human body is already wracked with disease or pain, it does not make much sense to put extra stress on it in the form of strong prescriptions. Fortunately, for citizens of Toronto, there is another options for the management of these health problems besides harsh medications. Toronto is one city in North America that has made it legal to consume medical marijuana if you are a person that is suffering from chronic conditions like pain, or severe diseases, such as cancer or epilepsy.

Untrained Medical Professionals

When Toronto was considering the legalization of marijuana for medicinal use, many people came forward to give testimonies about the health benefits they had received from using cannabis as a medication as opposed to pharmaceuticals. Many parents of children with severe epileptic seizures came forward to testify regarding the normal lives their children were able to live after the introduction of marijuana into their treatment plan. Now that medical marijuana in Toronto is legal, there are a myriad of users who reap the health benefits from this plant. However, there are still vast amount of people who suffer in silence because they are not able to acquire a medical marijuana prescription from their doctor.

Most doctors are highly uninformed when it comes to cannabis. The use of this plant is not something that is taught in medical school, so doctors must do their own research to become knowledgable about the subject. Many times, doctors do not do this, or they simply view marijuana as an illicit drug with no true health benefits, although the advantages of the plant have been touted by many who are otherwise hopeless. As medical marijuana grows in popularity, doctors will eventually be unable to ignore it’s significance in the medical community, and hopefully it will become recognized as a viable source of treatment in the future.

Medical Marijuana Clinic Roles

While there are benefits of marijuana consumption for the ill, improperly used medical marijuana can have unknown side effects on the human body. Because this plant has been illegal for so long, there is little research and knowledge about it. For a small fee, medical marijuana clinics in Toronto are able to educate the patient about possible side effects from the consumption of cannabis. Additionally, many clinics stress the importance of marijuana education to health professionals. Through this comprehensive education process that these clinics employ, chronically ill patients can resume a higher quality of life.

Things to Consider When Searching for Home Care for an Aging Loved One

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If you have a loved one who needs a little extra help but is still generally capable of living independently, home care Toronto may be the answer. This type of care can help seniors maintain their independence for longer periods of time. Many options are available, and care is provided in varying degrees. Some people just need a little help around the house while others require a lot more assistance. No matter where your loved one falls on the spectrum, there is sure to be a service that can help.

Assess Your Loved One’s Needs

It’s important to have a clear idea about the level of care your loved one will need before looking for a provider. The best providers will ask about this right away. Include your loved one in the discussion. What would she like to get out of the service? It’s not unusual for seniors to be reluctant to receive this kind of help. Make it clear that it’s just a way to make life easier. Tell your loved one that it’s a good way to maintain independence.

Research the Company’s Background

This should go without saying, but always perform plenty of research about a home care company. Check with local organizations to find out if any complaints have been filed. Go online to see if there are reviews from past and current clients. Find out whether the company is licensed and insured. You should feel completely confident in your choice, and you should immediately eliminate any company that doesn’t pass this step with flying colours.

Find Out about the Caregivers

While the reputation of the company is important, the quality of its caregivers is too. After all, these are the people who will be spending one-on-one time with your loved one. The best companies perform extensive background checks on caregivers. If your loved one needs transportation, make sure the company checks each caregiver’s driving record as well. Ideally, your loved one will be assigned a single caregiver. Meet with the person to make sure that he or she has the right personality. This is especially important if your loved one is looking for companionship.

Look for Flexible Services

The best in-home care companies offer flexible services. Watch out for companies that charge minimum amounts. This is especially problematic if your loved one only needs a small amount of help per day. Your loved one will enjoy a higher level of care with a company that offers everything from medical care to light housekeeping services. In addition to offering a nice array of services, the provider will be very responsive and each to reach. If you can’t seem to get in touch with the company easily, move on to a different option.

The best way to find top-notch home care for your loved one is by taking your time and including him or her in the process. As long as you and your loved one are satisfied, everything else will fall right into place.

What Is a Naturopath?

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A naturopath is a health care provider who follows the tenets of naturopathy, a form of alternative medicine that involves holistic practices and a great deal of preventative care. A naturopath typically takes a comprehensive view of of the human body, and there is a great emphasis on the body’s ability to heal itself. While a naturopath physician does not provide medication or major surgery, he or she is instrumental when it comes to creating good health through the creation of positive forces both inside and outside the body.

Naturopaths are common throughout North America, and they may be found in community health centers, in clinics and hospitals and in private practices. Individuals who refer to themselves as naturopathic physicians may have a wide range of experience and training. In some areas, to be called a naturopathic physician requires a full medical degree as well as membership in a monitoring organization like the North American Board of Naturopathic Examiners. In other areas, a naturopath is simply an individual who is experienced with dispensing holistic treatments. Before deciding whether or not you want to go to a certain naturopath, make sure that you know what the regulations are like in your area and what you want from the experience.

A naturopath is a good choice for any non-emergency medical care, and you will find that most naturopaths are skilled with families as well as individual cares. Some of the common issues that are treated by naturopaths include chronic pain, respiratory problems, heart disease, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue. As mentioned above, naturopaths do not perform major surgery, but there are many who are qualified to perform minor operations like cyst removal.

Choosing to go to a naturopath rather than a regular doctor means that the first visit is quite involved. He or she will want to get your full history, in addition to learning more about your life. You may be asked about what you eat, how often you exercise, what your stress level is like and whether your drink or smoke. There may be some diagnostic tests ordered and there is typically some form of examination. Because this type of health care is requires a full understanding of who you are and how your body functions, there are no quick fixes. Conventional medical practices often involve simply offering a person a pill or a regimen that they need to stick to. With a naturopath, you’ll find that you are in a situation where you need to spend a fair amount of time understanding your body and what is actually happening.

There are many different treatments which a naturopath might recommend. Changes in lifestyle and diet are very common, as are herbal treatments. In some cases, the naturopath may also be invested in other alternative medicines as well, like acupuncture and homeopathy. Depending on a patient’s needs, a naturopath may also recommend a follow-up with a medical doctor or with a counselor.

If you are curious to see if a naturopath is for you, make sure that you interview several and get recommendations; it is always a good idea to find a health professional that you agree with!

Weekly Coffee Enemas: A One-Way Ticket to a Happier, Healthier Life!

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When sipping your morning cup of joe, have you ever thought that there could be another way to ingest coffee that supercharges its health benefits? Weekly coffee enemas help keep you in general good health and ward off common ailments, and enemas can be taken once a day or more during serious detox sessions. There’s no need to worry that you’re experimenting with a new or untested therapy either, as a coffee enema kit have been a commonly-used treatment for decades.

What Are The Physical Benefits Of Coffee Enemas?

Coffee enemas are great for making your system run smoothly. They improve peristalsis and encourage good digestion. Regular enemas reduce bloating and stimulate the gallbladder, improving the production of the vital detoxifying substance bile. The procedure can also correct electrolyte imbalances by improving the your digestive system’s ability to absorb nutrients.

Coffee enema evangelist and famed alternative health practitioner Dr. Max Gerson also found that the treatment made his patients produce more glutathione S-transferase (GST) in their livers. GST is sometimes referred to as the body’s “master detoxifier,” and has an important role in binding to toxins and flushing them of your body. Weekly enemas can reduce your body’s overall toxicity levels by 600 to 700 percent.

What Are The Mental Benefits Of Coffee Enemas?

Like any other way of ingesting coffee, enemas increase your mental clarity and energy levels. Even better, enemas don’t give you the jitters or crash of a normal cup of coffee. Regular enemas also can combat depression and sluggishness, making you feel happier overall. You’ll find yourself being more productive in all aspects of your life after beginning an enema regimen.

How To Do An Enema

A proper coffee enema kit and some basic techniques are all you need to work this vital therapy into your life. A standard kit will include a container to hold the coffee, a length of tubing with a nozzle for rectal insertion, and often a bag of special “Gerson” coffee. Don’t worry once you run out of the special coffee, because regular supermarket beans will do just fine as long as they are organic.

To prepare the enema mixture, boil 2 tablespoons of ground coffee in three cups of filtered water for fifteen minutes. Follow the instructions that come with your kit to fill up the reservoir and attach the tubing. Lie facedown, insert the lubricated nozzle into your rectum, and slowly start letting coffee flow into your body. Try to let the enema mixture sit in your colon for 10 to 15 minutes, then use the toilet to flush out the coffee. That’s it! It might take a little getting used to, but it’s certainly not difficult.

5 Must Know Things about Dental Implants

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Dental Implants

Dental implants are becoming the widely popular choice in tooth replacement because of the many advantages they have over other options such as dentures and bridges. Implants are permanent and closer to natural teeth than any other option. Understanding the different types of implants and how they work can be confusing, but dental implants expert Dr. Izchak Barzilay explains are five key points about that you need to know as you consider if they may be right for you.

The Cost of Implants

There is no denying that implants cost much more than other tooth replacement options up front. But you should also consider the costs of other options as the years go by. You would need adhesives, readjustments and eventually replacements for dentures, but implants last a lifetime and need no special cleaners or supplies. Dental bridges, though they are fixed and not removable, are not meant to be permanent and usually need replacement after several years. Implants have a higher upfront cost, but they may save you money over other methods of tooth replacement in the long run.

The Time Factor

There are many dental office visits during the process of getting implants, and the entire time it takes ranges from several months to a year or so, depending on the type of implants you get. The process begins with surgery to place the implants, and then healing time is necessary before for the crowns can be placed. It is quite possible, however, to have temporary crowns or removable teeth to wear during healing time so that you will not be without teeth.

Implants Are Not for Everyone

There are a few circumstances in which you might not be considered a good candidate for dental implants. In order for implants to work, you need to have a good amount of healthy jaw bone. You are also less likely to have success with implants if you are diabetic, if you are a smoker or if you have other health problems that could increase the likelihood of implant failure.

Not All Implants are Alike

The word “implants” in dentistry can refer to various types of implants, from full individual implants to mini-implants that support removable dentures. Some types of implants may work when others will not, for example, if you don’t have enough jaw bone for traditional implants, another type might be suitable.

Implants Success Rate

Implants must fuse permanently to your jaw bone to be successful. The success rate for implants in people who have been determined to be good candidates is nearly 100 percent. A thorough exam and discussion about your health history is necessary before a dentist can determine if you are a good candidate. Once the decision has been made to go ahead with implants, you can be sure that your chance of success is very high.

Proper Attire For Health care Professionals

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Health care is a booming business. Modern medicine has made great advances, and more people are realizing that a career as a health care professional is a great fit for them. There are many things to consider when choosing a medical career besides just the annual salary.

As in any other profession, doctors and nurses must wear uniforms. There are various reasons for this, but here are the most important:

Professional Identification
In a hospital setting, in particular, it is imperative that patients be able to identify the professionals. The national norm of wearing scrubs has made this easier. Emergency situations require being able to locate a doctor or nurse quickly. The proper attire on the job also gives a professional appearance and credence that makes patients more comfortable.

Each hospital has a different dress code, and some are more lenient than others. For example, some hospitals may require that nurses wear only white shoes or prohibit the use of cartoon characters and designs on their uniforms. These different guidelines help create a good working relationship between the professional and the hospital by which they are employed. Identifying with one’s employer gives the staff more of a team mindset, which makes it a more pleasant place to work and to be treated as a patient.

Comfort and Flexibility
Due to the variations of a health professional’s job, she must be able to move freely and comfortably. The material of these uniforms aids movement, and it helps keep nurses and doctors comfortable as they work long and odd hours. The material is also very durable and can handle vigorous movement and repeated washings.

Shoes are very essential to a nurse’s comfort. Nurses are literally on their feet for most of the day, which can cause a lot of pain and discomfort without proper foot attire. Some companies make a shoe especially for nurses, but any type of comfortable shoe will work. Adding gel or foam inserts can make a big difference.

Practicality and Hygiene
Scrubs are made especially for health professionals, so they have pockets in the right places for various medical instruments they need to carry with them. These uniforms are also easy to remove for a quick clothes change on the job. Due to the nature of a health care profession, this is a helpful characteristic.

One of the most important aspects of a nurse’s uniform is the ease of cleaning it. Most health professionals come into contact daily with many bodily fluids, so it is essential that these be able to be thoroughly cleaned. The material from which scrubs are made is able to withstand high temperatures, which allows it to be better sanitized. It can also handle harsher chemicals than the average material, so stains are more easily removed.

A person’s attire can make his job easier or more difficult. It gives him an identification with his employer and more credibility with those under him.

The Signs Of A Heart Attack

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Heart Beats

If you or someone you love has been diagnosed with heart disease, heart attack treatment and prevention are extremely important topics for you. Your doctor probably recommended that you take a low dosage of aspirin daily to help avoid a heart attack. You probably have heard that the chances of you surviving a heart attack are much better by taking that aspirin. But you probably also wonder why.

Well, think about what it would be like to be sitting at home on the sofa watching television with your family. All of a sudden you get this feeling that someone is tightening these wide bands of steel around your body. You move around a bit, but the feeling is still there. You begin to wonder if its stress, and you take some deep breaths. The pain then begins to move around your shoulders and jaw. You tell your spouse what’s going on and they run and call an ambulance and bring you back an aspirin to take.

Heart attacks are ongoing events in our body. It’s not something that will just start one second and be done in three minutes. The moment a heart attack begins, you can limit the damage to your body and heart by taking some action fast. Taking an aspirin is one thing to do as soon as a heart attack starts, and calling for medical emergency assistance needs to happen as well.

When the paramedics come, you will receive oxygen and medication to help your heart. They monitor your heart rhythm and blood pressure to prevent any further complications. Next, they rush you to the hospital.

At the hospital, doctors will do an EKG and blood tests to confirm a heart attack. If you have had a heart attack or are currently having one, they will probably try to find the blocked artery and open it up with a stint, drug or by performing angioplasty.

The role that aspirin plays in a heart attack is by slowing down platelets. These platelets are tiny blood cells that trigger the clotting of blood. For example, if you cut your thumb, blood will run from the open cut. Quickly, the platelets will go towards the cut and begin to work to clot the blood. You will notice that if you take an aspirin after you get cut, you would not see the blood slowing down anytime soon. Now, in the case of your cut finger, you wouldn’t want to do this because you want the blood to clot.

In the case of a heart attack, you do not want to find your blood clotting. Most heart attacks happen because of a rupture from plaque that is in the coronary artery. The rupture happens and the body knows that it needs platelets. Next, the platelets rush to trigger a blood clot which grows larger and larger. It will continue to grow which causes it to block the artery. Because blood can’t get to the heart because of the blockage, no oxygen is getting to the heart. With no oxygen, the heart can die which is why a heart attack happens. Taking that aspirin as soon as a heart attack starts will immediately slow down that rush of platelets. It will be hard for the blood to clot and limit the risks of more damage from the heart attack.

How Disposable Medical Tools Have Changed The Field

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Disposable medical supplies have had a huge impact on the standard of medical care and life expectancy we enjoy today. As recently as the early 20th century, deaths due to hospital-acquired infections were common as instruments and materials required sterilization and were in short supply. Now, supplies such as bandages, gauze and syringes are mass-manufactured in disposable form, and hospitals can use and destroy them throughout the day for the benefit of patients and themselves. However, the hospital is far from the only place where these items are common. Below is a look at how disposable medical supplies have actually changed the world.

Use in Medical Settings

Healthcare facilities are filled with patients whose immune systems are ill-equipped to deal with serious infection, but this is exactly what makes these places a prime target for harmful microbes. In this environment, repeated use of materials such as face masks puts patients and staff at greater risk of serious infection, but the availability of disposable materials today has resulted in drastically reduced health risks for everyone. In parts of the world where disposable materials are in short supply, hospital-acquired infections are far more common. In locations where there are ample supplies of single-use syringes and gowns, however, more patients are able to leave the hospital without having suffered more health problems inside.

Outside of Medical Facilities

Besides hospitals and doctors’ offices, a variety of businesses benefit from having disposable supplies on hand. For example, tattoo shops use disposable gloves and tattoo needles to prevent the spread of blood-borne diseases, such as hepatitis. Acupuncture clinics also use single-use needles that prevent the spread of infection. Electrology, the removal of hair by electrical stimulation, also benefits from the use of disposable supplies in the form of throw-away probes and gloves. These cases highlight the importance of disposable supplies in service markets outside of the medical field.

Consumer Use

Patients and other consumers enjoy big benefits from having disposable supplies for self-administered medical procedures as well as routine usage. The peace of mind granted by single-use baby wipes, for example, is valued by many parents. Insulin-dependent diabetic patients can safely check blood glucose and self-administer insulin on a daily basis thanks to disposable lancets, syringes and other items. There is never any concern about whether prior users or medical facilities have properly sanitized these items because consumers buy them in sterile packaging and can throw them away after a single use.

Many household items used by consumers are also disposable medical supplies but are easily taken for granted. Dental floss, diapers, bandaids and toothbrushes were all formerly used only in medical settings but are now widely available to consumers. Whether used in medical facilities or at home, disposable medical supplies offer peace of mind and a greater guarantee of physical health compared to supplies that must be sterilized with each use. As these supplies become available to more people around the world, the risk of deadly infection will be further reduced for the benefit of us all.

Differentiating Cardiologists And Cardiac Surgeons

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A cardiologist is a heart expert. He or she is a medical doctor with a particular concentration on the workings and diseases of the coronary pump. Heart disease remains the number one killer of Americans and therefore, cardiologists are in the front lines not only in prolonging lives but also improving the quality of life.

Cardiologists vs. Cardiac Surgeons
A cardiologist should not be confused with a cardiac surgeon; these are separate specialties. Cardiology is a subcategory of internal medicine. Cardiologists diagnose, prescribe medicine and propose long term treatment plans, which often include surgery. Cardiology is a demanding specialty, which first requires three years in an internal medicine residency and then, three years in a cardiology residency. This can then be followed by four possible subresidencies:

  • Cardiac electrophysiology Deals with conduction diseases and electrical properties.
  • Echocardiography Specializes in ultrasound to diagnose mechanical functions.
  • Interventional cardiologyApplication of catheters to treat heart disease.
  • Nuclear cardiology The use of radioactive sources to improve heart health.Cardiologists not only treat heart disease but endeavor to help people maintain the healthy functioning of a normal heart. That said, there are so many possible heart disorders that it is impossible to list them all in this brief introduction. Coronary disorders include problems with circulation, various infections of the heart muscle, atherosclerosis (cholesterol build-up thickening arterial walls), and myocardial infarction (heart attack).

    While cardiologists do treat the heart itself, they are also concerned with the entire circulatory system. This includes blood clots and embolisms, which can devastate both the heart and the brain. A cardiologist, unlike a cardiac surgeon, has a more holistic approach to health. The cardiac surgeon performs bypass surgery and heart transplants; he is a highly specialized mechanic. But the the cardiologist must see the whole picture and endeavors to see his patients as entire people. That is why a cardiologist is the internist most concerned with your diet and exercise habits.

A Pioneering Cardiologist
Sir James Mackenzie lived from 1853 to 1925. He was part of the revolution in medicine which brought healing away from heroic foolishness (bleeding, cupping and dosing) and into the world of science. His major contribution was in the field of cardiac arrhythmias.

He began as a general practitioner but made many keen observations, especially in the study of the pulse. This led to his becoming a legendary cardiologist. He invented a machine that he called the polygraph (later adapted as a lie detector) that he used to create simultaneous charts of both the venous and arterial pulse. Mackenzie then performed breakthrough research on distinguishing between harmless and dangerous arrhythmias (pulse irregularities). Sadly, Dr. Mackenzie himself died after two decades of struggling with heart disease. He donated his body for research which furthered the understanding of heart disease.

Characteristics Of A Safe Surgical Facility

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Choosing To Have An Elective Surgery

Thanks to many advances in medical technology, choosing to have an elective surgery such as a face lift, nose job or breast augmentation is now a relatively low risk endeavor that can often be considered an outpatient procedure requiring no overnight stays. While this is of great benefit to those who are considering cosmetic surgeries, in order to maintain the low risk nature of these procedures, a safe surgical facility must be chosen. The amount of medical malpractice lawsuits that are filed every day in the United States speaks to the physical and emotional damage that can be caused by unsafe medical procedures as well as the amount of doctors and surgeons who are running unscrupulous and unsafe practices. Choosing a safe surgical facility for an elective cosmetic surgery is essential.

How Do I Know If A Facility Is Safe?

For someone who is trying to determine the best surgical facility at which to have their elective surgery performed, knowing the characteristics that make a facility safe is the first step. Perhaps the most important factor in choosing a surgical facility is to make sure that the facility is accredited. Accreditation means that the surgical facility has been examined by national inspectors and determined to meet national criteria for safety, skill of personnel and credentials of surgeons. This means that a facility is staffed by board certified plastic surgeons who have been rigorously tested in the skills of their field and likely have a great deal of experience, much of which they should be able to demonstrate via the use of before and after photos from previous patients.

Other Factors Regarding Accredited Facilities

Accredited facilities also feature board certified anesthesiologists. Many instances of surgical failure and fatality occur when anesthesia is administered incorrectly, and the use of a certified professional reduces this likelihood greatly. Accredited elective surgical facilities across the United States have a mortality rate of less than one in every 57,000 patients and a complication rate of less than half of one percent, making them much safer than a similar facility with no accreditation. Accredited facilities also offer surgeries and treatments at lower costs. Part of the accreditation of a surgical facility requires that in the event of overnight care, patients are attended around the clock by at least two licensed staffers at all times. At least one of these individuals must be trained in cardiac life support. Additionally, medications and other necessary tools are on site and emergency plans are always in place.

Choosing Safety First

When making the decision to have an elective surgery such as a face lift, researching surgical facilities in an area via their social media presence and website is a great idea. Websites may offer background information about doctors and nurses, show before and after pictures and even answer questions that potential patients might feel embarrassed to ask. Using technology to research the safety, integrity and accreditation of local surgical facilities is a great first step on the road to choosing a location for an elective surgery.

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